Antiohia — e-Pedia

Antiohia – cetate fondată de Antigonus, general al lui Alexandru Macedon, şi mărită în 307 î.H. de Seleucus, un alt general al aceluiaşi, care a denumit-o după numele soţiei sale, Antiohia, de origine tracă. Cetatea ar fi fost făcută pe locul uneia persane, numită de greci Artemis Persana, iar de localnici Meroe (alta decât Meroe […] […]

Around the Tubes — Graphic Policy

It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments below. While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup. CBLDF – How Comics Were Blamed for the Vampire Panic in 1950s Scotland – That’s some interesting… via […]

Old Fashioned — Nomad

I liked the old-fashioned book cover. The Arrival by Shaun Tan was published in 2006. It tells the story of a traveller who leaves behind everything he knows to journey to a strange country. It is a place devoid of family and friends. Where the future is uncertain and everything is unfamiliar. The back cover […] […]

Despre Emotii, Conflicte si Depresie in Organizatii (Revista Cariere, oct 2018) — Virgil Rîcu: Psihoterapie psihanalitica

Revista Cariere: Munca in corporatii te face mai predispus la o epuizare emotionala? Virgil Rîcu: Sunt destul de multi corporatisti care se plang de serviciul lor, sunt revoltati de ceea ce se intampla in organizatia lor si declara ca lucrurile au devenit insuportabile. Daca ii ascultam atent, observam usor ca aceste persoane nu se refera […] […]

Clampdown on violence against NHS medical staff — Peace and Freedom

New measures to protect NHS medical staff are to be introduced to try to reduce the thousands of assaults on them that take place every year. Staff are to be given better training in dealing with violent situations and offenders will be prosecuted more quickly. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will set out further details […] via […]

Banal — Sweet & Salty

Duminică și micul dejun. Și fuga la telefon și țac! Poză la ochiurile care se prăjesc în tigaie. Ochiuri pe care le faci frumoase, cu albușul pătruns și gălbenuș moale. Apoi răzuiești cașcaval, când sunt gata. Și cașcavalul se topește cuminte, intimidat de fierbințeală. Tai roșii proaspete pe care râșnești sare roz de Himalaya. Apoi […] […]

Azi mă numesc culoare — Sweet & Salty

Azi a fost o zi amestecată și m-am amestecat și eu în culori și m-am regăsit în albastru și verde și pale de auriu. Și două persoane dragi mi-au spus că-și doresc pictura asta, m-au rugat să le-o dăruiesc, pentru că iubesc ceea ce gândurile și degetele mele au amestecat acolo. Și m-am mirat, îndrăgostită […] […]

Caracteristici esentiale de tinut cont la alegerea unei pompe de recirculare —

Pompa de recirculare a apei aduce o contributie insemnata in orice locuinta, indiferent ca este vorba despre un sistem inchis sau unul deschis. Avand in vedere ca exista pe piata o gama larga de modele, trebuie ales cel potrivit nevoilor. De asemenea, trebuie facuta distinctia intre o pompa de recirculare gandita pentru apa curata […] via […]

A bouquet of wildflowers in Amazon — Realm of Empress Musie

Inițial publicat pe Agnijashatadalam: a bouquet of wildflowers // a bouquet of wildflowers // I am trying to share my Amazon Associate links in my blog, Amazon said it will show the covers, but for some reason it is not! So… I will have to rewrite the posts I guess! These things are… via A […]

Chicken Ragù — Fabulous Fare Sisters — My Meals are on Wheels

On busy days I love to use my Slow-Cooker to get dinner done with ease…This hearty Chicken Ragù cooks all day, making the whole house smell wonderful…then by suppertime it’s served over a bowl of penne or your favorite pasta and sprinkled with freshly shaved Parmesan… So easy and so delicious…perfect meal to serve for […]

October 31st is National Caramel Apple Day! / #Halloween — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays — My Meals are on Wheels

National Caramel Apple Day via October 31st is National Caramel Apple Day! / #Halloween — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays via October 31st is National Caramel Apple Day! / #Halloween — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays — My Meals are on Wheels

Barca goală — AQUARELE

Poate te simți ca o barcă goală trasă pe țărm. În jurul tău nu mai clipocesc valurile, nu mai simți freamătul vâslelor, nici gălăgia pescarilor. Viața ta parcă nu mai are sens. Ce ai fost a avut un rost. Ai salvat vieți, ai ajutat la câștigarea existenței altora, ai făcut împosibilul posibil – nu-i așa, […] […]

dare — yi-ching lin photography

tempting… a random bit ** in the ending of The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges from WordPress, here’s your Sunday Weekly Photo Prompt: character ** medicine buddha mantra: Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha via dare — yi-ching lin photography

Six of the Best Mezcals Under $50, Tasted and Ranked — VinePair

In February 2018, photogenic friends George Clooney and Rande Gerber launched Casamigos Mezcal, a joven iteration of the ancient Mexican agave spirit. It retails for $59.99. Clooney and Gerber are not the only estadosunidenses embracing mezcal. In the last five years, shipments to the U.S. have reportedly quadrupled. Mezcal’s market share is comparatively small —… via […]

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas — Farm to Table to Soul — My Meals are on Wheels

There you have it, “the whole enchilada.” I keep a few variations of enchiladas in my rotation because they’re so simple to make. via Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas — Farm to Table to Soul via Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas — Farm to Table to Soul — My Meals are on Wheels

Un meniu de groază ! — Chestiuni Serioase

Dacă vreți să vă distrați de Halloween cu cei mici și nu numai, vă propun câteva rețete de groază pe care le puteți pregăti împreună. Sunt ușor de făcut și haioase în același timp. Meniul de groază pe care vi-l propun, este cel de anul trecut. Anul acesta, de Halloween, m-am gândit să fac un […] […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue — Why Evolution Is True

Yes, it’s Halloween: October 31, 2018. Sadly, I’m too old to go trick-or-treating, though I’d love to. But here’s an Archaopteryx pumpkin for the holiday: (h/t: Grania): An amazing Archaeopteryx pumpkin for #Halloween! 🦇🎃🐦🦖 Unfortunately, I don’t know who carved this awesomeness, but it’s got my vote. #HappyHalloween — Dean R. Lomax (@Dean_R_Lomax) October […] […]

Eau, gaz et électricité (Georges Perec) — Arbrealettres

Illustration Je me souviens des heures passées, en classe de troisième je crois, à essayer d’alimenter en eau, gaz et électricité, trois maisons, sans que les tuyaux se croisent (il n’y pas de solution tant que l’on reste dans un espace à deux dimensions; c’est un des exemples élémentaires de topologie, comme les ponts […] via […]

Couple Who Fell to Their Death at Yosemite Died While Taking a Selfie, Family Says — TIME

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — She was a self-described “adrenaline junkie,” and he took “wow-worthy photos” of the couple posing at the edge of cliffs and jumping from planes that appeared on social media and a travel blog that attracted thousands of followers. In one post at the Grand Canyon this spring, 30-year-old Meenakshi Moorthy even… via […]

“What’s the difference between a poet and a storyteller?”: An Interview with P.E. Garcia — The Ploughshares Blog

P.E. Garcia is a poet and writer whose work often defies forms and expectations. Their poetry and fiction speak to truths that are often unwanted: that marginalized bodies exist in all spaces and no spaces; that existing in these spaces brings one closer to death, to the rotting bones and decay of oppressive powers, and… via […]

Imagine a World: A Conversation with Illustrator Rob Turpin — Discover

Illustrator Rob Turpin tells his artistic „origin story” and how drawing a robot a day – for an entire year – reignited his love for drawing and illustration. via Imagine a World: A Conversation with Illustrator Rob Turpin — Discover

Late in the Year — Tiny Cat Pants

I’m late getting started on my usual nine nights. But tonight’s the night for opening wide the door so tonight I’ll get on it. I think I also resent how little I’ve been able to enjoy one of my favorite times of the year. I’m just a seething ball of resentment. On the other hand, […] […]

Caribbean Red Bean Soup — Emerging Adult Eats — My Meals are on Wheels

I ruin everything I touch. At least all living things. Why did I think I could have house plants? Why? I’ve no experience with horticulture. I can barely keep myself alive. Everywhere I go, I see succulents and cacti. They are all the rage, as the kids like to say. For a while, I stuck […]

Episode 224: Into the House of Night — Interview with P.C. and Kristin Cast — DIY MFA

Hey there word nerds! And welcome to our extra special Halloween episode, as today I have the pleasure of having the amazing mother-daughter writing team of P.C. and Kristin Cast on the show! P.C. and Kristin are both New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, most known for their wildly successful House of Night… via […]

Shanghai Old And New — FRENCH LETTERS

Shanghai is full of paradoxes. They have preserved some lovely old areas, as well as some even lovelier and older areas, but much of the city is brand, spanking new. The contrasts are amazing. It’s not just the architecture, it’s also the generations. These two women didn’t seem to know each other, but seeing them […] […]

Nadia la Festivalul BFI 2018: locomotive gravide și alte probleme serioase — Nadia bate câmpii

Raportăm cu întârziere: festivalul de film BFI din Londra s-a terminat cu surle, trâmbițe și multe producții de interes haliudian, de pildă o chestie cu Timotei Șalame (un băiat a cărui moacă de căprior ușor tupeist ar apărea probabil pe pereții camerelor tuturor fetelor sensibile, dacă fetele din ziua de azi ar mai cumpăra reviste […] […]

15 Savory Bacon Wrapped Recipes that will blow away your taste buds — Mood and Health — My Meals are on Wheels

These Bacon wrapped recipes are sure to be a huge hit at any party or gathering. I love bacon. I love the smell of it, the texture of it, and of course, the taste. I feel like you could virtually make any food better by wrapping it in bacon. Now not all of these recipes […] […]

A Howling Coincidence „Stuckie” the Mummified Dog — True Strange Library

Here’s something spooky, a true story. Right as I was reading an eerie article about Stuckie, a dog who got stuck in a tree and became mummified in the 1960’s, my dog (well, not technically mine, but never mind) started howling strongly in the back yard. What the heck? It was very odd, I’ve never […] […]

Despre curajul de a urmări viziunea și o poveste londoneză — 35+, by Corina Ozon

Andreea a plecat la Londra urmând o iubire, după cum credea la momentul respectiv. Apoi a renunțat la jobul dintr-o corporație pentru a-și îndeplini un vis. Are 32 de ani, e brașoveancă, a urmat Facultatea de Drept, are studii în Relații internaționale, a profesat în domeniul legal, atât în România, cât și […] via Despre curajul […]

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